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How do I add details of my service to
If you provide free or low cost services that contribute to the wellbeing of people in Blackpool you can make a submission to the website. You firstly need to register for an account and you can then add the details. We reserve the right to decline or amend any submissions. Click on the grey sign in button at the top right and then click on register for an account.
We do not normally accept submissions for trade services for profit unless you register for the Safe and Secure directory, which is a chargeable service.

How do I add details of my Care Home or Care at Home service?
You need to be registered with CQC and situated in Blackpool, or support people living in Blackpool. We do not normally accept submissions from organisations outside of Blackpool, Wyre or Fylde.

How can add details of my trade services
There is a chargeable service to add details of your service to the safe and secure directory.

I have registered on the website, but can't add any details
You need to make sure you have verified your email address by clicking on the verification email that we have sent. If you can not find this check your spam mailbox.

How do I update details of my service
Log in and edit the information. Details about your service will not be displayed for a short time whilst we check and verify your information. We reserve the right to decline or amend any alterations.

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